HBG CORP is one of the companies with greater international projection in the sector of lightweight façades

Eurosca and HBG Fassaden consolidate their international expansion with a new brand, HBG CORP, which is present in Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico and Spain.

HBG CORP emerges to give response to the growth and innovation needs in a glocal market in which it currently operates. Working at a local level while thinking at a global level is the company’s competitive advantage in the development of their activity in the construction of unitized curtain walls.

HBG CORP is specialised in the design, production, and installation of unitized curtain walls. We have carried out large-scale projects in the last few months in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid), Germany (Frankfurt, Düsseldorf) y Latin America.

A company specialised in engineering, production, and installation of lightweight façades, which bets on efficacy in all its processes with differential and innovative solutions in the international market.

Its network economy (with its operations centre in Huesca and with service HUBs in Germany, United Kingdom, and a new centre of Engineering and Design in Barcelona) allows for greater flexibility to attend to projects in a global market.

HBG CORP holds a production plant in Spain with a production area of more than 14.000 m2 attending to the European market. And a new plant already being developed in Mexico DC, to attend to the American market. This new plant will have the capacity to produce 200.000 m2 of unitized curtain wall per year.

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Professionals in International Projects
International headquarters
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Global positioning

Network economy which allows for flexibility to attend to projects in the global market.

Production plant in Spain and Mexico with the capacity of producing 400,000 mof unitized curtain wall per year, serving all the international projects of the group.

HBG CORP holds production facilities of more than 26,000 m2 in the city of Huesca, located in the north of Spain and with excellent connections with the rest of Europe.

Strategic location in the Mexico Industrial Corridor – Querétaro to attend to the central area market, bajío, north and south of the country, as well as the market of the north border with the United States.


  • Chief Executive Officer Jesús Labena
  • COO HBG MEX Víctor Colorado
  • Chief Operating Officer Javier Jiménez
  • Lead Concept Design Albert Vidal
  • Engineer Project Director Jordi Janer
  • Project Manager Carlos Méndez

We are one of the companies with greater international projection in the sector of lightweight façades at an international level.

From the beginning, we have been in charge of “putting the skin” to some of the most avant-garde buildings in big cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Latin America…

The experience of all the members of the company combined with the team work, the continuous training and the rapid adaptation to new technologies allow us to feel comfortable in the complexity of a sector in a permanent process of change, guaranteeing success in the long term.



Entire project management through a methodology which helps to manage and minimise the risks of the project, improving the relation between cost and benefit when organising the times and processes present in the project, and boosting the teams’ performance.


  • Network economy.
  • Engineering and Design HUB in Barcelona, production plant in Spain and new plant in Mexico.
  • Service HUB in Germany and UK.

Passion for engineering

  • Constant research on cutting-edge technologies used in the market of architectural enclosures and in similar sectors.
  • Continuous investment in design solutions and smart production specialised in lightweight façades, as well as in management tools and continuous improvement of processes.


  • Development of industrial solutions with flexible processes adapted to the needs of our customers.
  • Highly competitive through a network system that allows for greater adaptability to the needs and production processes.


The HBG CORP production plant in Europe holds a total surface of 26,000 m2, with 11,000 m2 of production surface and more than 1,000 m2 of modern offices.

The production area is organised with plant distribution, optimised to the industrial processes of production of lightweight façades, boosting productivity, reducing the material in process and with the required flexibility to adapt the space to the needs of each project.