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Would you like to work in a leading company in the light façades sector? Now you can be part of the HBG-Corp team. A company specialized in the design, manufacture and assembly of modular facades that operates in Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, the United States and Spain. Since its inception, HBG-Corp has been in charge of designing the skin of some of the most avant-garde buildings in national and international cities and now, we are looking to incorporate new talents into our teams.

Our vision is none other than to create the best innovated global service of prefabricated architectural cladding and to achieve this, we are firmly focus on our corporate values:

  • PEOPLE: people are our company’s most important asset, meaning that investing and backing our human teams is an essential aspect of our corporate culture. Behind every successful company, there is a human team that works in tandem to accomplish the targets set.
  • PARTNERSHIP: teamwork and entrepreneurial collaboration are established as two fundamental pillars when achieving excellence in each one of the projects we are involved in. HBG-Corp has the clear mindset of strength through unity, meaning the company applies this principle as “modus operandi” throughout the entire productive process.
  • INNOVATIVE THINKING: Investing in new proposals and remaining at all times at the forefront of the sector is a basic premise for HBG-Corp. Innovation is viewed as a key force when offering quality services that allow us to stand out within the sector.
  • EDUCATION FIRST: HBG-Corp firmly backs the on-going professional training of its workforce within the scope of the company. Our sector is undergoing constant changes which means the renewal of our professionals is of the utmost importance to offer an excellent service.

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