August 3, 2018

Engineering works begin in NOD, the new project of HBG-Corp in Düsseldorf

Engineering works begin in NOD

HBG-Corp, a company specialised in design, production, and installation of unitized curtain walls, has already started with the engineering works in one of its latest international projects. We talk about the NOD project (New Office Dusseldorf) which is located in this german city, placed in the west of the country.

This project, that represents a portfolio of 10.5 M Euros for HBG, is scheduled to be completed during next year, and will host one of the headquarters of the prestigious HSBC bank.

Currently HBG Engineering and Design teams of Europe are involved in the process of own solutions developement, so that, the proyect will achieve the projected requirements ("Building Physics", "Geometry Analisys", "Logistic Plan"…)

The forecasts are to start production in the month of November, and it will be during next month of January when the initial installation works will begin.