September 24, 2018

HBG-Corp has been awarded a new project in Germany, the Grand Central Berlin building

Engineering and design works will begin in October

HBG-Corp will participate in the construction of the façade of the new Grand Central Berlin project, located in the German capital, which represents a portfolio of more than 6.5 million euros for the company. Engineering and design works will begin during this next month of October and it is planned that, by February 2019, the company has already built a mock-up of the project in Berlin. The installation of this prototype will allow to check the aesthetics and functionality of the system.

The building, which is placed in a privileged location next to the central train station in Berlin, will house space for the construction of large work offices. Forecasts suggest that assembly work will begin in April 2019 and that the project will be completely finished by the month of December of the same year.