November 20, 2019

HBG CORP has been awarded Platon Saclay Métro + IDEEV, a new project of two new faculties on the Paris Sud university campus. (Orsay)

In the month of September, the HBG CORP company was awarded a new European project and will take part among other façade contractors in the construction of the façade of two new faculties located on the Paris Sud university campus in the town of Orsay (France). The company is currently immersed in the engineering and design phase, and the forecasts suggest that the project start-up will take place at the beginning of next year, 2020. Métro and IDEEV are only two parts of Platon Saclay.

Ground-breaking and in accordance with current standards, this new project has taken into account since its inception, the application of state-of-the-art technologies adapted to teaching and research in order to offer students the best working conditions. Designed to encourage meetings and exchanges, they will be part of an urban and dynamic campus, which will include housing, catering services, sports and leisure spaces, amongst others.