September 19, 2019

The installation phase begins at Paseo La Castellana project in Venezuela

HBG CORP has already begun to install the façade of Paseo La Castellana building located in the Chacao area in Caracas, a project that includes two office towers, one of 10 floors and the other of 14. The assembly work of the West Tower has started during the last month of August and it is planned that the East Tower can also be installed during the month of September. Everything indicates that the project will be completely finished by the first quarter of next year 2020.

The façade of the towers is solved through a system of unitized curtain wall developed with the collaboration of Wicona to cover the 9,700 m2 of vision area and the 5,400 m2 of spandrel area. Façade solution developed for the project allows to install all the façade without limitation of auxiliary means due to that it is not necessary exterior scaffoldings and the use of the crane tower. Spandrel panel is installed from an ad-hoc removal scaffolding floor by floor and the vision panel is installed from the inside with a glass robot.