January 24, 2019

Tomas Astrauskas, new Deputy CEO of HBG-Corp

HBG-Corp has a new member in its executive team, Tomas Astrauskas, the new Deputy CEO of the company. Tomas arrives from Lithuania, where he has worked as CEO of the company "Staticus", dedicated to design, manufacture and installation of light façades. Currently his place of residence is Barcelona, where he is going to develop his role as Deputy CEO in the new Global Talent Competence Center of HBG-Corp (located in the catalan capital).

Tomas has experience in construction engineering and also an extensive knowledge in business management. Likewise, he has worked for decades in the sector of design, sales, project management, strategic procurement, production, installation and services for unitize façade systems.

He considers himself an ambitious and responsible person with a lot of experience in leadership. Besides that, he is a customer focused and result oriented person, always trying to improve himself.  When working as a team, his philosophy is based on partnership:

“I use that with all employees, shareholders, board members, suppliers, customers. We are in long term business and without partnership is hard to achieve long term goals”.

The role of Tomas in HBG-Corp will be vital in order to determine new strategies in Europe and America, establish short, medium and long term objetives, as well as represent the company before third parties, whether suppliers, customers, investors or other insterested groups. Another of his main objectives will be to lead the new Global Talent Competence Center in Barcelona.