Edificio Eloy Gonzalo

Madrid. Spain

Refurbishment of the building to improve the lighting and indoor comfort conditions of the office and commercial floors, seeking greater natural illumination for users, together with the incorporation of solar protections in the east façade to prevent blinding. It improves the global energetic performance of the building, producing an improvement in consumption and the occupant's welfare.

The existing concrete eaves or cantilevers in the current building have been reused, covered with composite panels, curved in its edge with irregular geometry and lacquered with matte colour. The chosen colour is similar to the dominant colours in the surroundings and is in tune with the adjacent buildings.

Vertical panes of tempered glass with hidden profiles have been placed emulating sails, configuring the shading of the façade in the zones with maximum solar exposure.

As a consequence of the previous objectives, the refurbishment of the façade will favour the modernisation of the building, obtaining a much more contemporary image and greater integration in the zone.




Luis Vidal + Architects