Frankfurt School of Finance

Frankfurt am Main. Germany

The new campus is erected in the city’s Campusmeile, giving its name to the school. The building has been built following the design of the Danish studio of architecture Henning Larsen. It consists of more than 37,000 m2 of useful surface for the development of university activities in an outstanding environment. The campus is built according to the highest distinction of the German Sustainable Building Alliance (DGNB for the German acronym), the Platinum Certification.

The building is divided in a three-storey high plinth zone, and five towers that stand over the plinth zone, all of them rising up to the eighth storey. HBG is responsible for the whole enclosure, a total of 14,000 m2, from its implementation design until the assembly. More than 1,100 vision modules and more than 6,400 m2 of opaque façade covered with the prestigious ceramic of MOSA alternate in a game of colour that varies elegantly depending on the effect of light on the pieces. The intervention on the façade remains completed with around 1,300 m2 of curtain walls, in two impressive lateral entrances, generated by the steel curtain walls, various terraces and a main entrance made of an aluminium curtain wall that combines curved and straight zones. The plinth zone of the building is completed in its superior zone by two skylights (800 m2) that supply the atrium, the heart of the building, with constant natural light.


Frankfurt School of Finance and Management


Henning Larsen Architects