Generalitat Offices

Barcelona. EspaƱa

Planned by the Batlle i Roig Arquitectes and placed in the city of Barcelona, it stands out for its subtlety in the details and an exterior skin that provides comfort to the building.

The couple of buildings that constitute the Generalitat Offices hold more than 16,000 m2 of modular curtain wall with high-quality AEV and acoustic features. The exterior skin is made of thermo-coated steel corbels that shape the curtain wall, with hidden fastenings that sustain the maintenance walkway. Its vertical and oriented sun shields harmonise its aesthetic and manage exceptionally the solar contributions. The employed system, designed together with Wicona and the HBG CORP design team exceed the most demanding water tightness, permeability and impact resistance tests.

The modules that form the modular curtain wall were designed and pre-fabricated integrating the elements that define the exterior skin with the purpose of easing its installation on-site and guaranteeing the maximum performance of the façade.

The lines of flexible life located at the ends of the corbels show the relevant involvement at a structural level, transmitting the profound efforts to the unions of the corbels with the mullions of the module and the anchor plates with the structure of the building.

The modular curtain wall contains modules that integrate windows for natural air circulation from the exterior, keeping the required performance for the façade. Apart from the modular curtain wall, there are façades aired with a drywall system and facing with composite aluminium material with RF nucleus, stick curtain walls in the ground floors and glass skylights with curved structure.

The buildings have obtained the LEED Platinum qualification bestowed by the USGBC (United States Building Council) in relation to sustainability and energy saving, and the qualification WELL bestowed by the GBCI (Green Business Council Inc.) in relation to the health and welfare of its occupants.




Batlle i Roig Arquitectes