Hospital IMED

Valencia. Spain

The construction, with a 37,000 m2 built-up surface and a total of 217 rooms, consists in the refurbishment of an original project destined for offices.

The new hospital of Valencia, located in the junction of the V-35 and the Ronda Norte, bets on the most advanced technological and architectural means as a reflection of the objective of providing a first level healthcare based on innovation. It is a singular building equipped with a technology oriented to sustainability and environmental certifications.

Following this criteria, a building has been built with the peculiarity of incorporating an exterior bejewelling and a singular metallic cover that wraps part of the building, allowing to improve energy efficiency.

The volumetry stems from the two cylinders of the original proposal, configuring a compact and impressive image. It counts with a large walkway that bridges the two main structures at the 9 and 10 storey level. The exploitation of natural light and its influence in the patient's mood is another of the elements taken into account for the design of the building.


IMED Hospitales


Francisco Nebot y Luis R. Benito