Frankfurt am Main. Germany

Right in the middle of the financial centre of Frankfurt raises the Marieninsel, an ensemble of 54,000 m2 of office surface constituted by the buildings Marienturm and Marienforum, with 42,500 m2 and 11.500 m2 respectively.

The façade of the Marienforum is made up of large glass elements and slender vertical and horizontal zones of natural stone, shaping an elegant and classic grid, in the purest style of German architecture. HGB CORP is responsible for the execution of the 4,130 m2 vision zones. These zones are executed with aluminium elements which encompass all the clear height between storeys. The demanding acoustic requirements of the zone where the building is located supply a great part of the elements of a second glass skin. In the great main entrances of the building of almost 12 metres high, a total of 130 m2 both steel curtain walls have been executed. These have been provided with access revolving doors. The rest of the ground floor, destined to commercial business and retail, is completed with 500 m2 of isolated elements of aluminium curtain walls, sticking to the grid idea of the rest of the buildings.


Adolf Lupe GmbH + Co KG


Müller Reimann Architekten