Barcelona. Spain

The building, conceived as a piece of industrial design placed in the middle of the park, has been completed with a skin of screen-printed glass with the binary code, and protected with vertical bright aluminium slats of large format.

Its abstract image suggests the lightness and purity of an electronic device which, through the simile of heat sinks and computers, protects technology and allows for its update. A highly efficient device from the standpoint of functionality.

It is presented as a single piece constituted by three big blocks: storey, for the management areas; underground storey, which keeps the supercomputer; and the basement, for the car park.

From the inside, a path leads from the access point to the supercomputer, which opens towards the Torre Girona viewpoint.

Showing the building which hosts the Mare Nostrum from the entrance of the new building is essential to incorporate it to the ensemble, and at the same time it enriches and qualifies it.

The architecture steps back to place itself at the service of technology, creating a highly efficient piece in which each of the design decisions are taken accordingly to its functional efficacy, polyvalence, and energy efficiency.




BAAS S.L. Arquitectos